About Me

Anthony Ian Shelley was born on October 17, 1953 into a post-World War Two environment, of food rationing, and a global threat of a nuclear holocaust. He grew up in the grim, tough neighbourhood of New Parks (Leicester, UK), where he attended both infant and secondary schools, and in his own words was ‘un-educated from the age of five to sixteen.

Since his teens he has had a keen interest in writing, photography and art, and despite living a life that was anything from perfect, he perused his interests with vigour and gusto. At the age of thirty-six, he entered a world of drink rehab, and has never looked back, these days he works as a photographer, but his passions lie in his work as a writer.

From the early 1990’s, Tony Shelley has kept journals, detailing his life and the changes, that have affected him and his surroundings, a habit that continues to this day.

He is also an active blogger, where he ‘rants’ about anything and everything. At the age of fifty-one, Tony married Catherine Ridge, a practice nurse, and together they are active in their home church of Church of The Martyrs in Leicester's West End district. 

Now retired from his job as a photographer in local government, he spends his time, writing, shooting contemporary images, walking, and researching local history.