Saturday, 5 August 2017

Back To William Jones.

Finding out more about Leicester's 'lost poet' William Jones has become something of an obsession. I now know the location of where he lived in Leicester during the 1840's, 11 Pelham Street, opposite the Leicester Royal Infirmary. The street is still there, the house long gone, but old maps reveal that it was a corner house. But where did he walk in the course of day to day life? One certainty would be the allyway inbetween the old Saracens head pub and the Jetty Wine lodge. Leicester Market Place, the new (as it was then) railway station on West Bridge, parks?. I intend to find out much, much more over the next two years, now that I have commited myself fully.

The book cover, Jetty Wine Lodge alleyway and four images of Pelham Street now dominated by redbrick, modern housing and a car park. Lots more William Jones blogs to follow.

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