Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Man Who Stood For His Principles

It's fair to say that the majority of Joe Public have never heard of Desmond Doss, the Seventh Day Adventist, who received the Medal of Honor for his incredible bravery on the island of Okinawa, in the Pacific theatre of World War 2 Desmond was a conscientious objector, but chose to enlist and work as a non-combatant.

Seventy five wounded men were caught in the crossfire of what was nothing less than a bloodbath, but Doss scaled the cliffs and one, brought them to safety. His story and bravery have now been dramatized in the film 'Hacksaw Ridge', directed by Mel Gibson. This book however, written by his wife Frances, is the real deal, rich in detail, it tells of the everyday humiliation Desmond endured from his fellow soldiers, and how he bolstered by his Christian faith, came to be respected by all those he saved, and many more besides.

Free of gushing sentimentality, 'Desmond Doss Conscientious Objector' is both a fascinating and moving read and well worth seeking out if you intend to see the movie.

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