Monday, 25 July 2016

Summer A Time To Read

Books are my passion, if there was one thing I couldn't do without it is a pile of books, pretty much any kind to pass away the hours, especially during the summer months. Either under a large umbrella in our tiny back garden, or just inside the conservatory door, escaping the downpours, devouring pages of an 'unknown' chapter, or revisiting an old favourite, reading is my drug of choice.

So far this season, I've consumed twelve or more books, and my life is richer for the process. Writing about them is another story, so all I can do is recommend, sometimes on mass, different books that have passed through my reading list. One that has stood head and shoulders above the rest is 'The Curate's Wife' by E.H. Young, an author who has been sadly neglected in the last forty years or so. Another book to recommend is Dorothy Whipple's 'Someone At A Distance'. Written in 1953, it deals with the breakup of a highly respected family by a French au pair, and the consequences that follow. Highly controversial for the time.

So there is two to be getting on with, more to follow. Happy reading. 

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