Friday, 4 March 2016

World Book Day

World Book Day was actually yesterday, Thursday March 3, 2016. The reason I'm a day late in talking about it is 'Technology', or my lack of understanding of how things work. I tried last night to enter this blog post on my IPod Touch, but for the life of me, it wouldn't have it. But the day panned out well, and I indulged in my passion of books from dawn to Dusk, highlighting the books that I've read or caught my eye recently, and making images of them.

I'm now living the retirement I always dreamed about, each and every day there is a book to hand to cherish, share, write about and to make an image of. There are writing conferences and poetry festivals ahead, and there are some truly excellent poetry podcasts to listen to. So here are the images from World Book Day 2016. The only disappointment this year is that I didn't have the chance to give books out to friends and neighbours as I have done in the past. But World Book 'Night' is not too far away, maybe then I can take on the roll of 'Book Santa'. Back soon.

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