Friday, 20 March 2015

Leicester has much more than Richard

As we prepare for a week of pomp, historical reflection and an overdue burial here in Leicester UK, it would be worth taking a few moments out to remember, that there is much more to this great city than Richard 111. Not too far from the cerimonial site, in High Cross Street, stands All Saints Church, where in 1414, the great visionary Margery Kempe stood trial on the charge of being a Lollard. An event equally as important, now long forgotten (as is the church itself, surrounded by high rise modernity), which took place four decades before the Battle of Bosworth.

And where are the monuments to C.P. Snow?, the greatest of all Leicester authors, again out of sight and out of mind. I was born and raised in Leicester, and proud of the coming event, BUT Richard is only part of the local history, not the whole of it. So lets have a little more balance, and talk about the many more great men and women who have an association here in the heart of England.

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