Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Leo Walmsley

Leo Walmsley is not an author that quickly comes to mind, or is a household name by any means. But he is a writer that demands attention, and is well worth seeking out. On a trip to Robin Hood's Bay on the Yorkshire coast several years ago, I sought out the house where he and his family moved to when Leo was two years old. 'Three Fevers' was the first of his 'Bramblewick Trilogy', the other books being 'Sally Lunn' and 'Phantom Lobster', all set in an area similar to Robin Hood's Bay. Great book for a Summer read.

'Shell & Bright Stones' a biography of Leo Walmsley, edited by Nona Stead, is well worth seeking out if you want to know more about the author himself. This book in itself is a tremendous read.

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