Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Place To Write.

This used to be the place where I wrote my journals, drank endless cups of tea, listened to the wonders of Radio 4, and tap out my project notes. Now, it's just a shed. One winter of extreme cold and damp, put paid to my idea of all-year round shed 'writing', after many of my books became limp and lifeless, absorbing the very worst of the winter months. So it was a quick decision to move from shed to....... well, anywhere really. Now I write in a number of places from my dining room table, to a number of cosy cafes, and quite recently, a packed airport departure lounge in Sicily. So, the Mac moved out to be replaced by an array of garden tools, string, and all kinds of garden paraphernalia. But I still have the odd cuppa in there now n' again.

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